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The articulation of geometric form defying gravity

RHYTHMICS (Painting 1/6)

This painting explores using line as grand gesture to formulate a design concept. By using color, geometric planes are born which hint at architectural function and materiality. While loose strokes evoke site and terrain, the sharp angular geometries together with repetitious lines work to juxtapose built form from its natural surrounding counterpart. Rhythm, pattern, and balance are all at play within this work, evoking a poetic interpretation of this design concept.

TRANSITIONS (Painting 2/6)

This painting explores the intersection and transformation of geometric form. After the point of intersection, architectural forms fuse with the ground plane or lift from the ground plane. This exploration shows how form can at once be anchored and free. By allowing color to differentiate the primary geometries, the distinction between transformations becomes clear. This work frames the ground as much as it frames the air.

AIRWALK (Painting 3/6)

This painting serves as an experimentation with architectural form. By seeing how planes intersect at varying angles, new material behaviors are born. The vantage point for this concept hovers above the ground, but is firmly anchored by the undulating planes. Form colors and strokes imply materiality through texture and tone. Full of energy, the forms seem to be in motion, yet anchored firmly. As its name implies, Airwalk is about architectural juxtaposition — where architectural form defies gravity, yet stays anchored within it.

MAGNETICS (Painting 4/6)

This painting experiments with the fragmentation and fusion of geometric forms. At times architectural elements seem to rise from the terrain; and conversely, the terrain seems to be injected with architectural elements. There is a push and pull between the architectural forms. They seem to be in the midst of magnetic motion in a balance of energy. The perfect distance between architectural elements is derived from the geometry of the spaces between them. This painting explores how architectural language can bridge across those spaces to be carried between forms, through distance, and across materiality.

NARRATIVE (Painting 5/6)

This painting explores the behavior of a line as it sets a circulatory path for an architectural design concept. By isolating the pathway, new circulatory opportunities arise and this is depicted by using color within the work. Such pathway opportunities can be translated into experiential flows, where narrative unfolds as one color/experiential path gives way to another. One may ask: Can an architectural journey be designed by sculpting the experiential path first? This work is an attempt to seek this answer.

ANGULAR MOTION (Painting 6/6)

This painting uses loose painting techniques to explore an architectural design concept for an urban corner site. As the painting technique reveals, there is a push and pull that works vertically as well as horizontally. By using color shading to hint at a volumetric interpretation of form, the building wants to complete itself even though it exists in an extruded state. Within this work, geometries seem to move as axial alignments are explored which allow the architectural design concept to radiate dynamically.



Maria Lorena Lehman — MLL Design Lab


The xMotion Series is made of architectural concept design studies created with heavy body acrylic paint, sketching crayon, and compressed charcoal. These concept designs are painted on 18″ x 24″ archival 140 lb. paper. Each painting is a one-of-a-kind original piece.


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