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SupraPlace Membership

$250.00 USD every year

YES, Maria! I am ready to profoundly advance my design understanding and mastery with your leading-edge visionary environmental designs, research, and methods that will guide me to grow as a changemaker to help create an even better world.

I understand this is a RARE OPPORTUNITY to get my SupraPlace Membership, for just one renewing annual payment of $250 USD, and I understand that this offer expires soon, so I am joining right now.

Includes Instant Access to Everything:

  • Living Interactive Immersive Film

  • Design Driver Clips

  • Timelapse Design Capture Videos

  • Book Deep Dives

  • Design Innovation MasterClasses
  • Design Future Presentations

  • PLUS: Exclusive access to interact with Maria Lorena Lehman with your questions, insights, and comments through special Discussion Areas within the SupraPlace Portal

*** Please note that the Adaptive Sensory Environments book is sold separately. All other SupraPlace membership resources are delivered digitally through the MLL Design Lab online platform.


What People Are Saying:

“After being in architecture both academically and within the industry for over 20 years, I feel as though what Maria Lorena Lehman teaches brings to light long lost and forgotten components, secrets, and keys to creating hi-functionality and attentive design. Something computers don’t often provide when the designer is in the trenches.”

Archtitude (5-Stars)

“Maria Lorena Lehman is a visionary and forward-thinking author and designer. Her books and advice are an endless source of inspiration and they truly embody the future and progress of the physical space and people. She has a 360 degree vision and therefore her advice makes you broaden your imagination, and drives you through your design path. Her suggestions have helped me many times to understand the strengths of my ideas as well as its weaknesses, and have given me the means to develop every project in unpredicted ways.”

Andrea | Italy

“I appreciate the care and sensitivity Maria Lorena Lehman brings to all her projects and her ability to share these traits with students who are looking to learn creative and gentle ways of joining art, form, and function as part of the living environment.”

Dmitri | United States

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