Creative Interactive Floor Projection Brings Nature Indoors Anew

I think that as we progress into the future, new technologies should help us reconnect with nature in entirely new ways — rather than as a divide by which we further separate from it. For this reason, I find it quite interesting to have come across an interactive floor projection design which engages people to experience a texture from nature in motion. And that texture closely resembles the rippling effects of water. As people walk on the dry floor where this projection is, ripples of water virtually propel from their feet as if to imply they are walking on water. Needless to say, technology (if used creatively) can connect us to new sides of nature with unexpected behaviors in unexpected places.

While such a display seems quite fun (which I think it is), there can be many practical applications for such immersive displays which can work by engaging the human body to move and react to the physics which prompt it. Just as real water has its own set of physical and behavioral properties which dictate how it responds, so too can an interactive floor projection.

For instance, such motion textures could help people recovering from injuries in hospitals by helping them to engage in therapeutic exercises and other behavioral activities that can help them to recover and heal at whatever rate works best for them — thus, a personalized guide which can encourage them, help them reconnect with their body to become stronger, healthier and more proactive. In hospitals, for instance, interactive projections might be a great way to help a patient rehabilitate and prepare for their transition when they go from their hospital room to home. Of course, the projection would need to be tailored to the specifics of their particular situation.

Using sensing and projecting technologies to help occupants reconnect with their bodies can do great things for their mind and spirit as well. After all, feeling the wind blow through your hair on a beautiful day might be a bit out of reach for someone in a hospital room. Such technologies might be a great way to bring a unique piece of the nature outside right into the room where they can experience it for themselves.

Here is a video showing Motion Texture in action:

Image Credit: © visualpanic | Flickr


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