7 Ways to Re-Think Shape-Shifting Architecture

Today I am pleased to share with you a Dynamic Shapeshifting Helix Bridge which won the recent Design By Many Competition. As you can see from its design in the video below, the bridge actually morphs its shape as occupants walk through it. Being suspended high above the ground, and nestled as a connector between two buildings — I would imagine that this bridge would create quite an experience to walk through.

Here is the video of the bridge so you can take a look. Please note that this video has music, so if you are at work you may want to lower or mute your computer volume to not disturb others.


So, with that video in mind, I will now present to you seven ways to re-think shape-shifting architectural designs, from an occupant-centered approach.

7 Ways to Bring Meaning to Shape-Shifting Architecture

1. Shape triggered by occupant emotion or behavior.

2. Shape morph according to weather patterns. (Balcony that morphs during winter)

3. Shape shifting in reaction to social media if architecture is at an event.

4. Shape change according to occupant functional requirements.

5. Shape shifting according to changing contextual urban surroundings.

6. Shape morph according to time as perceived by occupant.

7. Shape triggered by virtual reality from off-site environment.

With the latter seven examples of different ways to integrate shapeshifting into your design, you can begin to see that a morphing architecture can respond to just about anything. The key is for you as the designer to make its changeability meaningful for its site, context, and occupant. You must ask yourself “why” when getting to the bottom of which shapeshifting methodology to use. After all, when you ask “why”, you tap into the core of the meaning and purpose behind your work, and from there the best ideas come.

Image Credit: © puroticorico | Flickr


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