MLL DESIGN LAB: An art-based architectural design research practice.

Awaken to the new possible.

Creating architectural constructs in which design, art, and philosophy converge
with emerging science and technology to evolve humanity by deepening
understanding and actualization of human potential.

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Maria Lorena Lehman, "one of the leading experts on delivering exceptional occupant experience through smart building design" and
recipient of the Harvard University Digital Design Prize for the "most creative use of digital media in relation to the design professions".

Author, Designer, Artist, Innovator

Creating for human potential through poetic leaps that
innovate digital, architectural, and urban environments.

Maria Lorena Lehman
Maria Lorena Lehman

Featured StudioWorks

Decades of experience, award-winning design, and poetic concepts that disrupt the status quo.


(in)visions Collection

Visionary architectural and urban futures to
help humanity actualize our highest potential.


(meta)forms Collection

Deep seeing into the art of architectural design poetics that create sense of place.


(i)lluminate Collection

Architecture plays light as an instrument that
touches the soul through its narrative.

What I do

I create architectural design constructs that deepen understanding of ourselves, each other, and the natural world to awaken humanity to new possibilities for our next evolution.
Join me. Shift your paradigm.

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As a passionate environmental author, designer, artist, and innovator, I create visionary speculative environments to research futures that unlock how to make our world an even better place. Over the years, thousands of you have joined me on this unique creative journey, and I love hearing about how my work has inspired or sparked breakthroughs in your design thinking, processes, and results. For this reason I started SupraPlace, a digital portal where I pull back the curtain to share behind-the-scenes insights into my speculative designs and research discoveries — in a deeper, more immersive, and timely way.

Consider the SupraPlace Portal a "bridge" between my introspective design futures research and my speculative design art films, paintings, and book creations. As a SupraPlace Member, you can join me to travel along this bridge striving to uplift quality of life through environmental design that also happens to bring us great joy and fulfillment as it evolves from initial speculative idea, to visionary concept, and beyond.

Testimonial from Andrea
“Maria Lorena Lehman is a visionary and forward-thinking author and designer. Her books and advice are an endless source of inspiration and they truly embody the future and progress of the physical space and people. She has a 360 degree vision and therefore her advice makes you broaden your imagination, and drives you through your design path. Her suggestions have helped me many times to understand the strengths of my ideas as well as its weaknesses, and have given me the means to develop every project in unpredicted ways.”
Andrea Saliola, Head of Research, Pixies: Cities do it better (Rome, Italy)

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